Running Week Massanutten

2014-03-15 08.56.18 Last weekend I was at the Massanutten Ski Resort and managed some time to get a few solid runs in. I wanted to log 5+ hours running and hit it if you count my family hike on Sunday. Saturday morning started out at the overlook with a trail run. I asked on Strava where to hit the trails from the resort and got a quick reply from this guy, thanks for the intel. As soon as I left the car my headlamp was dead. It still worked on the emergency low level. The sun would not come up for 45 minutes. I found a flashlight in the car and headed off. I really was not sure where I was going until only 2 miles left in the run. It ended up being pretty off as I ran on the poorly marked Mountain Bike Trails and finally made it to the ridge and Kaylor’s Knob (after taking a wrong turn on the trail and my gut telling me to turn back). Overall a poor effort and not a good run in my mind.
On Saturdays run I turned my ankle and it was feeling a little of Sunday morning so I opted to stay on the roads and take advantage of the Mountains. I ran from my condo to the overlook and back. It was a 12 mile round trip and took ~67 minutes for me to get out and ~47 to get back. I pushed pretty hard coming back and started to feel a little twinge in my right hamstring, but nothing to worry about. In fact this niggle has been there for a few weeks since I started speed work.

2014-03-15 07.17.37 Monday was rest, but Tuesday brought me to the treadmill to run a 1/4 cutdown run. I was taught this run by a former coach named Paul Dewitt. You start off on the treadmill flat and slow. Every 1/4 mile you move up .1 mph until you cannot go any further. Then you back off and run mary pace until a quick cooldown. This is not for the faint of heart. I had not run one for almost a year, but jumped right in. I hit a speed faster and a distance longer then I have ever done. I was a minute from jumping down to mary pace and then I felt just a little more of a twinge in that hamstring. As I cooled down and got off I knew something was up. By the time I got home from work it was in some pain. I was advised by a friend to take a few days off. I immediately taped it with Kinseo tape and it instantly took some of the pain away. I have no idea how that stuff works, but it does. I have also been treating it with heat and rolling it a few times a day. As of today it is feeling 95+%. Tomorrow I will test it out and see what happens. A few days off now is much better than being injured up until and during my race in June. I may have to stick with running base and up to LT on hills if it continues to bother me. I do not think this would make a huge difference in my overall performance, but who knows.

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